Tertiary Sector

ArkSmart Tertiary Sector - Hotels
ArkSmart provides specific solutions for the services sector.

The automation control of lighting and air conditioning will ensure savings of 25% to 50%. According to the building in question, the estimated payback period for investments in automation is 6 to 18 months, related only with energy savings and efficiency.


Our hotels automation solutions are focused on energy savings, efficiency, management, control and security. Making it easier to maintain all systems together and ensuring maximum comfort for guests and staff.

If necessary, we can integrate the existing elements to the new system. We offer three distinct solutions of action. The result may be the sum of all, or may exist separately.

Solutions for rooms / apartments
  • Through the use of temperature sensors, open doors/windows detection, motion sensors and the room/apartment existing mechanisms, we can ensure operation of lights and air conditioning when is strictly necessary, preventing carelessness of customers and staff, avoiding unnecessary consumption.
Solutions for common areas
  • It is possible to control lighting and heating of common areas. Upon installation of sensors and motion detectors, allows a continuous adjustment of lighting, temperature control, and adjust energy consumption to what is strictly necessary, ensuring maximum comfort for all guests and staff with the lowest costs possible.
Management and maintenance
  • Through sensors, we can know the real building state, common areas, lightings, air conditioning, gas, water, and act according to the needs. Information will be given to us in real time, in which can consult, store and analyze. By having a very valuable tool, those responsible for managing and maintaining can carry out their work efficiently, reducing response time, thereby reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Efficiency and energy savings, this is the main argument.
Security and control
  • Integrates the hotel internal security with people safety, and allows to monitoring all of occurrences.
  • The guests and staff comfort will be guaranteed by the system itself, which is programmed in accordance with the requirements of the customer.


We can distinguish between commerce locals and trade centers.

In shopping centers, we support different solutions, one for common areas and another for business.

ArkSmart Tertiary Sector - Commerce
Depending on the size and needs, in commercial locations, we have created different solutions in order to work together or not. Endow all spaces of a robust security system, efficient management of lighting, HVAC and exterior access.

For the shopping centers common areas, we have very effective ways to manage the indoor and outdoor lighting, security, access control and perform an efficient climate control.

We have a sound system for both zones.


The office buildings, as we know, have very specific requirements of proper lighting and air conditioning. With the high number of people makes it difficult to ensure the proper use of existing resources, comfort conditions, productivity and energy savings. The only way to ensure is resorting to our automation solutions.

ArkSmart Tertiary Sector - Offices
The constant adjustment of artificial light according to the existent sunlight allows to acquiring a natural and correct light for an optimal working environment, those adjustments allows achieving savings in the order of 30%.

The efficient use of air conditioning systems and the appropriate temperatures can be obtained by using hourly and daily schedules, as well as a combined control of doors/windows and the presence of people in space, all combined in a good working environment, this efficiency allows achieving savings in the order of 40%.

Actually the energy savings are more noticeable when we can divide the climate control in zones.

Bars and Restaurants

Bars and restaurants have ideal characteristics for automation and their solutions.

Of course, requires a robust anti-intrusion system, but at the same time flexible.

ArkSmart Tertiary Sector - Bars and Restaurants
These places require good cooling zones with proper management. In these areas during the day, you can set different settings for any particular moment.

Kitchen and storage rooms, need technical security mechanisms: gas, flood, fire and smoke control. Those areas are more vulnerable, and shall be reported as soon as possible.

Sports Facilities

The sports facilities are larger buildings with larger room’s and showers. In short, are buildings with high-energy consumption for air conditioning, lighting and great expenditure of hot water.

ArkSmart Tertiary Sector - Sports Facilities
Eg, hotels, the services are used on an occasional basis, but intensely.

Our solutions allow an efficient control, and prevents a carefree and careless use, maximizing all resources.

Our home automation solutions are a combination of products and services, they respond to all types of buildings/activity sectors: