Residential Sector

ArkSmart Residential Sector
Arksmart offers specific solutions for any type of construction. It is possible to easily automate homes built from scratch in housing remodeling, or adapt without major works.

The home automation solutions in the residential sector rely mainly on improvements in comfort, safety, communication, energy efficiency, and exclusivity.

If more home automation solutions are installed, greater will be the benefits.

New Constructions

In a new construction, the home automation project is done with the electricity project. This leads to numerous benefits for all parts, such as cost reduction, cabling, and the possibility of installing all automation functions in a easy and secure way.

All new constructions should install the automation system, at least, lights, blinds, and air conditioning. Because by doing so, the costs will be minimal and will allow expansion of the home automation modules and functions with much lower costs.

The energy costs probably will increase, and the more you automate, better are the possibilities for energy savings.

In a new construction, it is preferable centralize the installation, because the possibilities of control are much higher.


In a house with conventional electrical installation, it is possible to automate without making works or changes in the house.

It is possible to automate but not possible to implement all possible functions of home automation, increasing the cost of the same.

However as for ArkSmart each case is a case we will be happy together with our clients to analyze all possible situations and find the satisfaction that our clients seek. We always find solutions.


A remodeling is always an excellent opportunity to rethink the existing electrical installation, and adapt it to home automation. A remodeling can be both total or partial. Together with the client we can always find the best solution at the lowest possible cost.

Our home automation solutions are a combination of products and services, they respond to all types of buildings/activity sectors: