ArkSmart Features
Meet some of the available features:

  • Manual override
  • Automatic light triggering by motion sensor
  • Automatic triggering of the light through light sensors
  • lighting regulation
  • Lights scenes programming
  • Presence simulation
  • Security system integration

Climate Control
  • Temperature regulation by zones
  • Daily and hourly schedule
  • Automation according to meteorological conditions
  • Automatic shut down in case of prolonged absence
  • Automatic air conditioning shut down in the case of open doors or windows

Blinds and Awnings
  • Blinds and Awnings shut down according to a schedule
  • Opening, closing and automatic regulation according to meteorological conditions
  • Blinds blades regulation
  • Scenes creation
  • Integration with security system

Irrigation System
  • Daily and hourly schedule
  • Automatic shut down in case of rain
  • Control according to meteorological conditions
  • Integration with security system

Anti-intrusion Security
  • Presence simulation
  • Intrusion detection with the house empty or inhabited
  • Internal and external motion detection
  • Automatic actions in case of alarm
  • Mobile device notification or other devices in case of alarms activation
  • Anti-panic system
  • Video surveillance
  • Call forwarding from video Intercom to mobile device

Technical Alarms
  • CO2 detection
  • Smoke detection
  • Leak detection and automatic cutting gas supply
  • Flood detection with automatic or partial supply cut
  • Power failure detection
  • Independent power system
  • Mobile devices notification of all alarms

Video Surveillance
  • Internet real time visualization
  • Cameras with Individual access by mobile device
  • Records file management
  • Send of images to mobile device in case of intrusion detection
  • Integration with security system

Electrical Management
  • Lights Control
  • Appliances control
  • Automatic control of systems which are not in operation
  • Remote control by mobile phone or tablet


All functions can be controlled through:

  • Conventional switches
  • Pushbuttons
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

It is possible to communicate with the house from any place by mobile phone or tablet.

Our home automation solutions are a combination of products and services, they respond to all types of buildings/activity sectors: