Safety and Control

ArkSmart Safety and Control
Properly manage the information provided by all sensors of a house or building makes it possible to find out the status of the installation in real time.

The safety is divided into three groups:

  1. Anti-intrusion and access control security.

    Automation ensures the proper use of home or building to its inhabitants or users, in accordance with the authorization set. Also prevents access to all or part of unauthorized persons, acting, and warning. There is the possibility of random presence simulation, this option by activating lights, curtains, etc. Communicate with the person in the video entry by phone, it also allows us to simulate the presence inside the housing.

  2. Technical security.

    Smoke, flood, gas, light, temperature and humidity sensors, to guarantee safety, quality, and comfort to the inhabitants. In case of flooding allows full or partial cut of water supply in case of leakage of gas or smoke allows complete disconnection of gas supply, and temperature sensors and light ensures a scenario where you want comfort, enabling act automatically on blinds, lights, air conditioning, heat pumps, central heating systems, etc.

  3. Preventive security.

    It allows us to monitor all the house, by letting us know in what state is the installation and the desired parameters.

The home automation offers numerous benefits, which include: