Personal Care

ArkSmart Personal care
An installation of home automation system, transforms a house or building, in a space that fits the needs, giving a private lives of its users. The automation of the installation allows the adaptation to reality; let us answer the needs of people. The space becomes more comfortable, safe, and giving an easy two-way communication between you, the home and outside.

Although, a personal attention can be applied to any age, by bringing greater relief when it comes to children, elderly people, and disabled.

Based on a general automation, we offer specific solutions for personal care, allowing us to adapt to our system, specific modules for each purpose.

For your personal attention, we understood that having a house or building with conditions to control temperature and lighting installations. Also ensure the safe use of the dwelling or building, air quality, minimize personal risks with technical alarms as fire, water, gas and smoke, etc. Always ensuring communication between the homes or building with the person. Faced with strange patterns, home automation always acts so that desired comfort prevails.

By the action of the internal buzzer or video intercom, letting you know that the baby wake up to know that an elderly took longer in the bath, the same elderly took longer to get out of bed than usual. All of these situations, or other, allows us to choose different modes of programming the home automation and alarm for each and different situations that may occur.

The home automation offers numerous benefits, which include: