Efficiency and Energy Savings

Efficiency and Energy Savings
Energy saving is the main argument for building automation in the tertiary sector, and a key to the residential and social/health care sectors.

With limited energy resources and increasingly expensive, an automated control is essential to ensure minimal energy consumption while maintaining the required comfort levels.

How often were left lights on uselessly for hours? How often have you left a thermostat at 25 degrees and stayed that way? Careless or improper use causes an extra consumption and useless, increasing expenses at the end of the month.

Automation of the lighting system, air conditioning, heating, covers 70% of the energy consumption. We ensure that no light is on unnecessarily. Maximize sunlight, using air conditioning only when strictly necessary, but always keeping the comfort level desired by the customer.

Monitoring energy consumption, it is possible to know what each piece of equipment, or set of equipment is consuming, and may thereafter make an optimization of all spending.

Automation can help save between 15% to 45% of the energy bill of a home or business.

The home automation offers numerous benefits, which include: