ArkSmart Communication
It is necessary to establish a correct form of communication between people and their homes. The bi-directionality is one of the main features of home automation and one of the most innovative concepts in recent times.

The automation allows a simple and natural communication, to facilitate interaction between people and their homes. For a residential home automation with many more features and functionality then conventional homes, simple and intuitive tools are needed for communication. Without them, it would be impossible to exploit the potential of home automation. It is clear that new technologies help to improve this communication. It can no longer be possible for a daily life without mobile phones and internet, and home automation takes advantage of that.

People can communicate using conventional switches, keyboards, touch screens, mobile phones, computers, television and remote control, by voice recognition or body movements.

The house will communicate with people through the means of home automation or by the phone user interface.

The home automation offers numerous benefits, which include: