ArkSmart Comfort
The home automation transforms a conventional house in a comfortable and easier interaction with your home. Besides, by guaranteeing the best performance of the common elements, the assistance of home automation with new features will change the concept of classic comfort.

The creation of different scenarios with a single action of a touch allows you to determine the status of the lights, curtains, temperature, etc. A simple touch of a desired set, by the user environment. A scenario of relaxation, the scene of morning, evening, going home, leaving home, with endless scenarios defined by the user.

Disconnect completely or partially the house lights, blinds with just one touch.

It is possible to define schedules to be used daily, weekly or even yearly. The sensors used for a particular function may also be used for other desired functions. Set watering times, but this does not act when it rains, as an example.

Orders can be given by access to a fixed tablet, mobile or even a mobile phone.

At night when gets up to go to the bathroom, the lights can light up only 15%, protecting your eyes, of the very bright colors when they are accustomed to the darkness.

The home automation offers numerous benefits, which include: